Some random musings.

For the last 30 days, I’ve been composing one song every day. I find this approach interesting, as it forces me to get something finished no matter what I think the result is. It avoids the trap where I don’t like this 2 seconds part of my unfinished track, spend 3 hours trying to fix it, only to realize it was better before, and lose interest in trying to do something. It took me on average around 2 hours per day, and here’s the result:

I think it can be extended to different domains, I’ve been following the same approach with analog photography for more than two years, where I try to get one film processed every week (that’s about 36 shots).

Looking back at the result of these two experiments, if I take the 20% I prefer, I judge its quality at least as good as a project I would have done in a more thoughful way (but by spending 20 times more time on it). The biggest difference is that I enjoy it far more as I only do the fun thing, without expectations about the result so I’m not disappointed, and it leaves more place to surprises. One disadvantage is that it takes me some effort to release something I’m not particularly proud of, but meh.